Friday, January 04, 2008

Exodus 33:13 (NKJV)

Exodus 33:13 (NKJV)-“’Now therefore, I pray, if I have found grace in Your sight, show me now Your way, that I may know You and that I may find grace in Your sight. And consider that this nation is Your people.’”

Lord, I want to get to know You this year. I want to get to know You, so that I can get closer to You. I want to know Your grace, so that I can know more of Your grace. I want to get more intimate with You, so that with the intimacy, I can get more intimate with You.

See, I have been kinda going about this thing all wrong. I’ve been studying my Bible, and reading so I can learn for myself. But since I started reading all this stuff, I have learned that I want to get closer to God. And the closer I get to God, the closer I want to get to Him.

I’m learning that my former reasons for getting to know Him were my own reasons. I’m learning that I wanted to get to know His Word, so that when someone asked me about it, I could answer their question. While that is a noble pursuit, it’s not the RIGHT pursuit.

I want to know Him, specifically so that in the knowing, I will know Him better.

The passage above was spoken by Moses, as He met with God after the Israelite children had been taken out of Egypt. They had escaped at the Red Sea. They had seen the LORD deal with Pharaoh’s armies. And then, they promptly built a golden calf and proclaimed it as their god.

Moses wanted God to promise Him that He would not leave him; that He would show Moses the way He wanted Him to go. Moses wanted God to lead him, and show him His grace. Moses wanted God to remember that getting these people out of Egypt meant nothing if He wasn’t going to lead them and guide them.

I’ve been released from my bondage in Egypt. I went to church for most of my life, but I was in bondage. In January of 1997, I was released from my bondage. God showed me His grace, so that I could know Him and find grace in His sight.

And ever since then, at different times, I have managed to find a way to put myself back in bondage, much like the Israelite children. We love to point fingers at the Old Testament people, and say, “If I had what they had, I would never have crossed God like that!”

We have God in a closer, more intimate way. We have a free pass to the inner sanctum, the place of holiness, the dwelling place of God. We can boldly come to the throne of grace and declare our needs to God and pray to Him. Do you remember that Old Testament priests had to have ropes tied to them and bells on the hems of their garments? Do you remember why?

They did it because they had specific ways and ceremonial rites to complete to enter into the holiness of God; to enter into His presence. And if they messed up the teeniest bit, their error killed them in the presence of God’s holiness and righteousness.

And we take for granted, each and every day, the privilege we have of meeting God. Moses was asking for something, in the above passage, that we have been given because of the sacrifice of the Lamb without spot or blemish. We have it, without reservation; we just have to reach out and take it.

We have a God who wants us to get to know Him, so we can know Him better. He wants us to become more intimate with Him, so we can want more intimacy with Him. He wants us to get closer to Him, so we will want to get even closer to Him.

He doesn’t want us to learn about Him so that we can beat others over the head with our knowledge. He wants us to know Him, so that His grace will be apparent to those who DON’T know Him. He wants us to get know Him, so that we can point those who DON’T know Him in the right direction. He wants us to get to know Him, so that in the knowing, we realize we want to know Him even more.

He wants us to get so close to Him, that we don’t realize until it’s already happened that nothing else mattered except to get close to Him, and to help others get close to Him.

I told you last year that I wanted to get to know God better. I did, but not for the right reasons. I wanted to get to know God better, so that I could be a better example of Him in the world. I shouldn’t say that’s not the right reason; I should say it’s not the reasoning I should have used.

This year, I want to get to know God better, so that I will know Him more intimately and fully than I have ever known Him in my life. And in the knowing, I will change and become more like Christ, and align my life more with what God wants me to be. I want to become more intimate with God, so that I will want to become even more intimate with God; everything else will work itself out through that intimacy.

How do I know, you may ask?

If you look a little further past that passage I gave you above, you will see that Moses met with God on Mount Sinai. When he came down, he was carrying the two new Tablets of Testimony with him. Moses had been so intimate with God that his face glowed. He had a veil to cover his face when he talked to the people, because of how much his face glowed.

Close contact and intimacy with God had done that. He didn’t have to tell the people how close he had been to God; it was readily apparent. If we can just get more intimate with God, everyone else will just KNOW. You won’t have to advertise it, or shout it to the heavens. You will shine with the light of God through the intimacy.

I’ve got a veil ready. Let’s get close to God this year.

Be blessed in the Lord today,

Bo J.

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