Sunday, December 20, 2009

What are you driving now?

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NKJV)-“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

Okay, this is one of those things that you’re just gonna have to walk through at sometime in your life to really be able to see….trust me on this. Most people see something like that verse, and they wonder how that is humanly possible. In my opinion, it’s not. God has to help you understand and walk through this one.

Let me give you my take on how I lived it this past week.

On Wednesday, 12-16-09, we had a 3 hour weather delay for reporting to work. So, I didn’t have to be there until 0900. It was great! The weather was kind of crappy from an ice storm, and so it was good to not have to drive in the worst of it. I took my time. I left almost an hour before I had to report just to give me plenty of time. My usual drive is about 25 minutes, so I figured with the weather it would get me there safely. I was almost to my work site (~1-1.5 miles away). I had made it all the way through people sliding and pulling out in front of me thinking they were driving on safe roads (you know how people do….they see you giving the car in front plenty of distance, and so they think wrongly that they can just dart out in front of you…)

Anyway, as I am coming up to the last stop light I have before turning to my road, my truck begins to fishtail. And the more I tried to compensate, the more it hooked. I ended up going BACKWARDS down the road. I slid off the road, hit the ground and the truck FLIPPED UP ONTO THE DRIVERS SIDE and began sliding through a field.

Yes, I had used the bathroom before I left for work. Thank you Lord.

It came to a stop, and I don’t know how far it traveled. I had to climb out of the passenger side door, with the help of two good Samaritans, and then I ended up getting checked out at the local emergency room.

Okay Bo, where’s the “everything” you’re giving thanks for in this?

1. I didn’t get hurt. My airbag didn’t deploy; the driver’s side window on my truck didn’t break, and neither did the windshield.

2. No one else was on that particular stretch of road when I spun and flipped. Later on, as I reflected on it, I realized that I noticed it and thought it was odd that no one was on it, as traffic should have been going both ways at that time of day with the late work start. Not a soul.

3. This is relevant because of #2. See, the only thing I took out was a RR crossing sign. I didn’t hit anyone else. This is good, because, after the accident, we found out that our auto insurance company had dropped us from coverage in SEPTEMBER! Yes, that’s right, read it again, it read September. It’s amazing how many months you can go with automatic debit withdrawals with no problems and then all of a sudden, the company can’t get money out. So they said they sent us a letter; which we never received. We asked them to verify our address that they sent it to, which they……couldn’t. Uh huh……so I didn’t hit anyone, but now what?

4. Talked to a friend at work the next day, which had the same thing happen to him with the same company. He hooked me up with his agent. Becky called Thursday, an hour passed, and we were covered. This is relevant because my wife spent the rest of that day Wednesday trying to get us insurance, but couldn’t because all the carriers said we had been uninsured. We said that we didn’t KNOW because we had it automatically debited and our accounts balanced each month. (No, I’m not going to tell which company. I thought and thought and thought some more about it and I decided against it. It wouldn’t serve any purpose other than some ghoulish revenge for me, and so it’s not worth it.)

5. Picked up my truck Wednesday evening. Again, for the sake of rehashing it, let’s go through this: airbag did NOT deploy; windows did NOT crack. I was not in pain or hurting at all, even my neck. My front driver’s side tire was flat. As we jacked the truck up to put the spare on it, the tow place owner said it looked to him like the tire was just off the bead. So he directed us to a tire place around the corner from him to see if they would put it back on the rim and air it up. We went, they did, it held. No problems.

6. Drove Becky’s van to work the next day. I didn’t want to, but she wanted to have the truck checked out at our local Les Schwab. They looked at the truck and were amazed that I not only went to work, but escaped unscathed. The only thing wrong was the alignment, which was a quick fix. And, as an aside, we got to witness in a small way that way. See, Becky took my truck in and didn’t have any music playing, because she wanted to be able to hear the sounds it made. When she picked it back up and cranked the key, Christian rap began blaring out of the speakers. At that point, it came to her why the truck wasn’t ready when they told her it would be. She had noticed that they truck was out in front of the business, seeming to be done, but the doors were open. It seems they were jamming to my Grits CD that was in the player, and so God got glorified that way!

7. Oh yeah, since I drove Becky’s van to work, instead of my truck, I had the exit paperwork from the hospital that she had left in their when she drove me home. See, I needed that when I returned to work to get evaluated at the occupational clinic to verify I was indeed able to return to work with no restrictions. If I had driven my vehicle, I would have had to have her fax it to me at 7 in the morning, or go home (25 minute drive remember?), pick it up, and drive back.

8. Then of course, there is the fact that I had a truck tool box in the cargo area when I wrecked. I had taken my camper top off and was going to sell it, but NO ONE had made me an offer for the month I had it advertised. Of course, if it had sold, then I wouldn’t have had it to cover the 2 bales of straw one of my friend’s got me to put in the back of the truck to give me some weight in the back. Did I mention that he did that on his own….found the hay for me, bought it, hauled it to my place, helped me put it in and then helped me re-mount the camper top? And all because he was bored and didn’t have anything else to do? Hrmmmmm……..

I could go on and on with this. Becky and I had made a choice at the start that God was going to take care of us. He had never left us nor forsaken us. Right after the accident, it was really hard to keep focused on that with everything going on. But we stayed to our word and praised God even though it was HARD to do. And He multiplied what we did and then some. I admit the insurance thing scared us the most, until God reminded me that I didn’t have a chance to hit anyone. He is awesome.

Someone would say, He could have prevented the accident altogether. I say, yeah, but then we still wouldn’t know what our previous insurance company had done to us. Or worse yet, I could have been involved in an accident with another vehicle and been notified that way. Monte, I’ll take door #1 thank you!

So, here I am. I hope you can see through my ramblings to understand the point. Has everything gone the way I’d wanted it to the week before Christmas? Nope, not at all. Did it go the way it needed to glorify God and get Him some props? Absolutely!!! We have had so many opportunities to substitute other people’s use of the word “lucky” with the proper term, “blessed.”

I have had so many opportunities to let people know how God delivered us and kept me from harm. My truck has some cosmetic damage, and she lost the driver’s side mirror, but she’s alive. No fluids lost, axles not bent, tires okay, rims not bent at all.

God was in it and through it.

Where is God in your life? What has this helped you to see that God has performed for you? What are you driving right now that says you are glorifying God? My beat up truck is more of a testament of praise to my God than any brand new vehicle I could have. He placed His hands around me and protected me from harm and brought us into a land of milk and honey.

Praise Him….in all things. It doesn’t say BECAUSE of all things, it says IN all things. Because the more you praise Him IN all things, the more you will see how much He’s doing for you BECAUSE of all the things you are going through.

I hope this makes sense; it did for me.

Be blessed in the Lord today.

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